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Fall 2016


  • Giving Beyond the Classroom
  • Q&As About Year-End Giving to USA
  • 5 Reasons to Give Appreciated Assets to USA This Year-End
  • Using Retirement Plan Assets to Make Your Gifts

Spring 2016


  • Joe and Audrey Shewmake Are Giving Back to South
  • Are Your Plans Up to Date?
  • Tax-Free Giving Using Retirement Assets
  • What Will Your Legacy Be?

Fall 2015


  • Fulfilling a Need with Her Giving
  • Taking Stock and Giving It
  • Wise Planning
  • Strategies to Maximize Gifts

Spring 2014


  • Insuring Their Commitment to USA
  • Balancing Personal Obligations
  • Giving Through Retirement Plans

Summer 2013


  • Legacy of Excellence Lives On
  • Changing With the Times
  • Are You Due for a Review

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